[Daily Outfit] (21) I am singing in the rain...

photo via weheartit
Does it somehow define my outfit for the day?  It has been raining heavily since yesterday and I have been dressing ever so causally for work...
And I think what I need now is an invisible cloak so I don't have think hard for my outfit and can just walk as comfortably as possible :P
Let's talk about some key points of my outfit, in order to cheer up myself under such miserable weather, I have decided to pull out a couple of new items from my closet.  New jeans from Gmarket - although it seems a bit thick for summer, but the cutting does make my legs look slimmer and longer.  And new earrings - also from gmarket, the heart shape + a bit of bling does make me feel happier for the rest of the day.

{Blue Cat Top :  Online Store// Belt : Stradivarius // Jeans : Gmarket // White Sneakers : Keds // Brown Vintage Bag : Online Store}

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[Trends] Coach Classics is back!

I have been a fan of vintage bags, in fact, not limited to vintage bags but I totaly adore clothes and dressing styles coming from the 70s and 80s.  But I have never got a vintage leather bag.  Part of it is due to the price, and availability in town, and also - some are not really in good quality.  Therefore I am thrilled when I read this news at net-a-porter.  What is better than re-make and reissue of a real classics?  This Coach Classics features a collection of the signatures Coach leather bags which are once of a hit - The Madison Satchel, The Stewardess Bag and the Duffle.
I like what Honor Riley said "The thing about a Coach bag is that it's unminstakable yet very understated.  It has its own identity but it doesn't fight with anything you are wearing."
It is plain and in incredibly good quality.  What more can we ask for a vintage bag?  Something that you can pass to your daughter perhaps?  Something that last for years?  Something in good made?  And this bag can definitely do it all.

I found that Small Shoulder Purse amazingly beautiful.  I have already matched several outfits inside my head with this bag (!!).  Both the brown and red one.  I may pick the red one eventually (well...after I have done a bit more savings....)   But the style goes well with a lot of my existing clothes.  Only one thing to consider...how can I fit all my necessities into one small tiny bag?
And what do you think about this Coach Classics series?

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[Daily Outfit] (20) Causal Friday!

I know this is a bit late to post my Causal Friday outfit on a Monday afternoon but this can certainly keep me alive and to go through such gloomy Monday morning. Had a terrible sleep last night.  I had a training in the afternoon and i totally can't stop myself from drowsing in a small training class!  And that is just soooo embarassing!

The outfit is for a bowling night with my boyfriend last Friday night.  Although this may not be the perfect outfit for bowling, but let's face it, I am no good at bowling, so why bother wearing a complete sport outfit?  At least this outfit made me feel good and comfortable about it :)

And once again, Live through Monday and we will soon have something to look forward to :P (Friday is coming up!)

{Blue Shirt : Gmarket // Stripe Skirt : Cotton On // White Sneakers : Keds // Brown Vintage Bag : Online Store}

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[指甲] UNT甲油

而且由於習慣和工作關係, 我也不會留太長指甲

一直以來, 我的愛用甲油都是O.P.I

小安, Gina, 等等台灣blogger都有
這個牌子的色系超豐富...裸色, 深色, 色彩繽紛的,
雖然咧, 我沒有懷孕...

但由於香港還沒有代理進這個牌子, 所以一直都沒有機會去買...






P.S 搽了兩天, 甲上的顏色還未花
如果往日用O.P.I的話, 指甲頭的顏色已經花了大半

UNT更作出了一個全產品均不含塑化劑及起雲劑聲明  以保障消費者的安全

最後要說的是, 如果各位想一試UNT甲油的話, 我的朋友最近從台灣取了點貨



[食記] 魔麵之旅

雖然不會每一餐都吃, 但一個月總會有一到兩餐壽司餐
但自從日本發生幅射事件後, 始終都會有點擔心魚類食物
所以我們退而求其次, 轉吃其他日本料理
而這天趁著連假, 我們到了尖沙咀新開的魔麵
如<鹽.魔>, <辣.魔>...等等

辣魔, 豚魔, 和海綿蛋一客

海綿蛋就只是普通的蛋捲和下面有一點的蟹肉而己, 沒什特別
吃起來不熱不冷, 又不像侍應所說的要趁"凍"食...

而辣魔和豚魔看起來像一樣, 但其實辣魔的湯底是有點辣的
還有, 他們提供額外一碟小辣醬, 如有需要可以加

而這就是我點的豚魔 - 就是豬骨湯了
碗內有最basic的栗米豚肉紫菜和.....溏心蛋! 正!
哈哈 :P
第一口感到有點"結", 心想確是日本風味較重, I like it!
而我覺得這間拉麵是不錯, 但又未必會encore, 可能下次與另外一班朋友才會再去吧.
但不得不提的是店內的侍應的服務態度真是不錯, 而且會在點餐時跟你說很多關於食品的資訊.



[Daily Outfit] (19) Hi hot Summer!

One of the bad things about holiday/ weekend in Summer is that you have to go out under such horribly hot weather.  Although going to beach is a good idea, but it just doesn't quite work out in Hong Kong.  There aren't lots of nice beach here and usually it is so crowded that the space even heat up since it is so heavily populated.
I got a nail class with my friend today at Tsim Sha Tsui today, one of the busiest shopping place in town, as a result - it is incredibly hot there highest degree today is 32 degrees and I was walking on the street with my friend is definitely a torture.
And here is my summer outfit under such dyingly hot weather - White Shirt with a medium-length skirt (hoping to be able to reduce heat), and a little white lace collar I got from Gmarket, being an add-on to the dull white top and making it looks more sophisticated :P

{White Top : Cotton On // White lace collar : Gmarket // Pokka Dot Skirt : Gmarket // Flip Flop : Roxy }

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[Daily Outfit] (18) Pop Pop Korean Girl!

I have always been a fan of Korean fashion.  Ever since I went to Korea in 2009, I became absolutely into Korean style of fashion.  And it is pretty obvious by the number of gmarket purchase I have made since 2010...(well..that is really embarassing to admit)  Comparing Korean style to Japanese style, Korean style is yet more simple and emphasize on your body ratio.  Their clothes are often single-toned, or with floral printed all over it.
Japanese style (oh gosh i am not that into Japanese style and yet there are just too many of them I dont know what to start, maybe I should start with them in general) is famous for its layering and matching.  It really surprised me that almost everyone (and I really mean everyone) in Japan has such unique and amazing fashion sense.  But my focus is Korean style so let's pass on to that first and keep on talking about Korean girls.  By the way, here are some photos of some famous pop band in Korea (and look at the excellent body ratio!!  And their legs look so long that let alone their legs will be taller than my actual height!)

Koreans are keen on making the golden ratio (or mainly just to make ur legs look as long and slim as possible) And in which it consists of two golden rules - tuck-in and high-waist.
By following these rules, you can make yourself looks at least 2-3cm higher than you actually are.  Believe it not, here comes my attempt in being a Korean girl (or I should rather say - to dress in a Korean style)  In terms of body shape (and ratio), I am no way like a Korean, but a try isn't bad to start with....

{ Top : a no-named boutique in Wan Chai // Skirt : Gmarket // Leggings : Vivienne Westwood // Shoes : Jelly Beans // Purple Bag : Gmarket}

I may need to re-take pictures..these photos are just too dark that it can't actually show how "Korean" style works...

Chinese version will come out tomorrow.

Photos credits to Google Search*

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[Daily Outfit] (17) What a Sunny Saturday!

Here comes Saturday again!  Where i can wear shorts, mini skirts or even tank tops or a casual outfit!  A total no-restriction-dressing-day!  Though frankly speaking, since the highest degree today is 32, that is not so practical to wear so much when I am out.  But at the same time, I do not want to get sun burnt so I am wearing this blue boyfriend shirt that I got from Gmarket.  The shirt itself is too loose so I have attached a thin belt in order to look slimmer (yes my ultimate mission! get slimmer!)
Gosh it's only late May but it is hot like 32 degree.  I have absolutely no idea in how i can survive under such weather throughout the Summer...Only if i can work from beach instead of boring office... :P

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