[Daily outfit] (57) The blazer

Hi all in 2013!  Haven't posted in a while already!  Have been quite busy lately :)

2012 has been quite a challenging year for me, I have changed my job, although I stayed in the same field of work, but the scope is a lot bigger with more opportunities at the same time.
A lot of pressure arisen as expected but my skin got kinda allergic to the new skin product I got from L'occittane (where I didn't it was the root cause for the skin allergy until recently)  So I was pretty upset at the last bit of 2012...where it bothered me quite a lot...Luckily I have gone back to my good old Kiehl's and my face is a lot better now.

Anyhow, I like how my 2012 goes and hoping to achieve more in 2013!

Below is my long lost outfit post.  This is my working outfit for a normal working day.  May seems a bit boring to you guys but wearing a floral dress has already highlighted my day, and wearing a smile for the whole day :)

{ Floral Dress : Bought from Korea // Blazer : H&M // Ribbon Flats : Jelly Beans // Chained Bag : Pull&Bear }

A closer look of my items.

Hope you guys have a fabulous year ahead and may all your wishes come true :)

ecid nac