[Style] Going Leather!

Leather is perfect for Autumn/ Winter as it can keep you warm as well as establishing a chic and comfortable outlook which can keep you stylish and warm during cold weather.  Here below I have prepared two sets of outfit featuring a bit of leather and see which one do you guys like the best :)

And when I was doing some reading on the NYFW and LFW and suddenly found that leather pants could look quite cool too!  which has inspired my to come out with this set of outfit:

After doing this blogpost, I think I am definitely going to get some more leather item for the coming season!  There are just so much different combinations that we can do with Leather!

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[Camera] What to choose?

It has been a while I put on Outfit post...for one obvious reason...MY CAMERA IS DEAD!  I have accidentally spilled a cup of Chinese tea to it and it won't open anymore

I have been doing some research to see which camera would fit what I want.  Therefore I have targeted a few already, as I want to upgrade from Digital Camera (my previous model is Canon S90) to an EVIL camera <- those you can change lenses for different type of photos and not as professional as a DSLR

I am planning to get either Sony Nex-F3/ Olympus E-PL3/ Panasonic GF5

The performance of these three cameras are similar and the price is similar too but each of them having one particular point that I would like to have, and I just wish these three of them could combine together like a transformer so that I would not need to hesitate so much in picking one...and I have even drafted up a pros and cons analysis table in helping myself to choose my future camera...

Pros and Cons session

Sony Nex-F3
Pros: The monitor can be rotated 180 degrees so it's good when taking photos of yourself, bigger sensor than Olympus and Panasonic
Cons:There aren't much buttons on the camera, meaning you have to go through the rotary panel for each setting you want to make.

Olympus P-PL3
Pros: More Buttons so easier to control and with settings for different scene, monitor support rotation up to 90 degrees up or down for easier shooting at different angles
Cons: External flasher, may come in handy when trying to shoot and have to look for it

Panasonic GF5
Pros: Lighter, Colour more saturated and support touch-screen activities for focusing on objects
Cons: More expensive

I am more inclined to go for Sony Nex-F3 as I really like the monitor rotation feature but i hesitate as my friends said the general feedback of Sony cameras are not so positive....making me so confused and don't know which is the one to pick...

So what camera are you guys using?  And any recommendation you guys would give?

Photos: From Google

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[Style] Hiding under Camouflage

Many of you may have noticed, lots of trend reports have already revealed the coming season will be filled with cami and camouflage.  This Camouflage Army Jacket may give an impression of being masculine but we could turn this outfit to a stylish and chic one by matching the jacket with these items:

- My previous post has mentioned that lace items are still going to rock this season, this madwell lace dress would kind of balance off the camouflage jacket.
- Chelsea boots: I am dying to get a pair for the winter and wait to shop around for a nice new pair or Chelsea boots
- The little details of proenza shouler satchel goes along with the military jacket and bringing a bit of rocker style to it
- The MBMJ bagle creates a final touch and to complete this set of chic outfit!

Hope you guys like this kind of style setting post as this is my first time in trying to illustrate an outfit rather than putting on one :)

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[Trends] My pre-fall wishlist

I know it may seems a little early at a weather point of view to start drafting a pre-fall wishlist, but believe me, by the time the temperature goes down, you may find a lot of stuff you like would be out of stock.  And I reckon it is worth to know the trend before doing any actual shopping, so I would be better prepared when refreshing my closet :)

So these are some of my picks for the coming season:

There have been saying that purple has become the new black in this coming season.  I have not been a fan of purple, I am more of a navy-blue fan.  But I am certainly open up for more different variety of items to my closet :)  And these selections look pretty too!  I wanna get the purple peplum dress so much!

Speaking of prints, my closet is overloaded with floral-print items...and they are perfectly for winter as well, but this print-items fantasy for me has slowly changed to more different variety of prints including paisley and these items below are quite nice to have, especially the pants from club monaco, which looks perfectly with a navy blazer (tempting to copy that to my office outfit inspiration)

Lace items have continued to shine throughout the season, and with more different styles and items, these three below are my choices for autumn and is suitable for different occasions too :)

Leather items are always a hit in winter, I used to have a leather jacket only but this autumn/ winder I would love to try other kind of leather appeal as well!  I want to get a leather shorts or skirt, and just by thinking I have already come up with a few different combinations that can go with leather bottom!

 As sidetrack, I ran into this pair of wedges when I was browsing the club monaco fall list.  It was absolutely stunning!  So chic and so stylish :)  Too bad that I can't see it in store yet and it may not last very long as it's going to turn cold in a one or two months...

Hope you guys like my share above.  Also let me know if you have anything in mind that you are definitely gonna get this autumn!

Photo credits and inspiration by: Zara, Club Monaco, Massimo Dutti, ASOS, Topshop

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