[Daily Outfit] (43) Preppy Look

I have been a fan of the preppy style and the british college look for so long that I can remember since when, and I believe it can be attributed to the environment that I was brought up to.  I studied at UK for high school and I think it has influenced me heavily on my clothing style.  And it had been occuring to me that I missed those days a lot...  

Anyway, this is one of my recent outfit featuring my favourite, the preppy look :)

I got this metalic loafer from ASOS couple of weeks ago and I have to say that again - "I totally love ASOS", yet but at the same time I have to stop myself from going on to that site so often, coz that can literally make me broke!
{Silky Shirt : H&M // Skirt : ASOS //  Metalic Loafer : ASOS}   

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Do you take good care of your nails?


I have been a total fan of nail polish since god knows when (precisely speaking, since high school I think...)  and I got like 30-40 bottles of nail polish at home.  And I enjoy matching nail polishes with different clothes and seasons. And in average I change my nail polish every 5 days and sometimes i will give them a rest for a couple days but sometimes don't. One of the drawback is that now my nails got kinda weak and crack easily. 

I came across this bottle of nail hardener from Sally Hansen this other day when I was shopping around at a local pharmacy.  I have known this brand for long but strange enough I haven't owned any of their product and this is the first time I got their product.  I guess it's because there aren't muchof their stocks at Hong Kong since not much places have them.

And putting those on has instantly strengthened my nails and made it stronger and won't crack easily.  Because although I put on base coat, it just doesn't seem strong enough to protect my nails compare to this nail hardener
After this shopping experience, I think I am more than comfortable to pick more stufffrom Sally Hansen in the future : )

What do you guys use to keep your nails neat and healthy?  Let me know!

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[Shopping] Forever 21 haul

Forever 21 has finally landed on Hong Kong!  That is such a wonderful news!  And what's more exciting, is that it is priced as US!  I was there on the first day it opened and it was totally packed with people, I deliberately missed queuing outside the fitting room as I know what size I should get, and more, what i am looking for.  Hence, here come my picks from Forever 21

I have picked several items from
1.  Mustard Pullover

2. White Stripe Top

3.  Green Pencil Skirt

And lastly, you can see that I am pretty happy with my chosen clothes from forever21 :P
Happy shopping too!

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