[Trends] Coach Classics is back!

I have been a fan of vintage bags, in fact, not limited to vintage bags but I totaly adore clothes and dressing styles coming from the 70s and 80s.  But I have never got a vintage leather bag.  Part of it is due to the price, and availability in town, and also - some are not really in good quality.  Therefore I am thrilled when I read this news at net-a-porter.  What is better than re-make and reissue of a real classics?  This Coach Classics features a collection of the signatures Coach leather bags which are once of a hit - The Madison Satchel, The Stewardess Bag and the Duffle.
I like what Honor Riley said "The thing about a Coach bag is that it's unminstakable yet very understated.  It has its own identity but it doesn't fight with anything you are wearing."
It is plain and in incredibly good quality.  What more can we ask for a vintage bag?  Something that you can pass to your daughter perhaps?  Something that last for years?  Something in good made?  And this bag can definitely do it all.

I found that Small Shoulder Purse amazingly beautiful.  I have already matched several outfits inside my head with this bag (!!).  Both the brown and red one.  I may pick the red one eventually (well...after I have done a bit more savings....)   But the style goes well with a lot of my existing clothes.  Only one thing to consider...how can I fit all my necessities into one small tiny bag?
And what do you think about this Coach Classics series?

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  1. I think some of them are gorgeous. I especially like the satchel one. Since vintage is so in trend these days, I think they made a good move here

  2. Love this combinations, and the bags are amazing.

  3. Wow~! what an exciting news! getting designer label vintage bag is an investment =)