[Daily Outfit] (19) Hi hot Summer!

One of the bad things about holiday/ weekend in Summer is that you have to go out under such horribly hot weather.  Although going to beach is a good idea, but it just doesn't quite work out in Hong Kong.  There aren't lots of nice beach here and usually it is so crowded that the space even heat up since it is so heavily populated.
I got a nail class with my friend today at Tsim Sha Tsui today, one of the busiest shopping place in town, as a result - it is incredibly hot there highest degree today is 32 degrees and I was walking on the street with my friend is definitely a torture.
And here is my summer outfit under such dyingly hot weather - White Shirt with a medium-length skirt (hoping to be able to reduce heat), and a little white lace collar I got from Gmarket, being an add-on to the dull white top and making it looks more sophisticated :P

{White Top : Cotton On // White lace collar : Gmarket // Pokka Dot Skirt : Gmarket // Flip Flop : Roxy }

ecid nac


  1. I am in love with your skirt.

  2. Great blog!I am following you now,I will be so happy if u do the same for me!thanks!