[Daily Outfit] (36) Pastel Colour

{Mint Shirt : Gmarket // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Long Dress : Gmarket // Flats : Gmarket}

Oh gosh I didnt realise it is a gmarket-outfit before I type this up, I am too much of an online-shopping type person and have spent too much time browsing through the net :P

Today's outfit mainly consisted of the pastel colour, I have never thought of mixing these two pieces of clothing together before as I think this would look too cute for my .  Normally I would either match the skirt with a monotone tee, or to put the shirt on with a pair of jeans or black pants.  Surprisingly, they go well together (although bad match of shoes since I took this photo when I back home and this is the only shoes i had in my room...) and giving me some inspiration on my other combinations :P

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of shopping for my Autumn/ Winter collection and have got myself a cardigan and a oxford shirt - which I will probably show it on the next blogpost since I already wore it today : )

How many Autumn/ Winter shopping have you guys done so far?

不講不知, 原來今天整套outfit都是韓貨
還要除了腰繩外, 其餘都是gmarket買的
看來我很迷韓貨的這個名稱真的不是浪得虛名的 (大誤!)

對我來說, 也是一個新嘗試吧
沒想到, 看起來也頗和諧的
(除了我的鞋子並不搭外, 其他還算可以的. 因為我是回家才拍穿搭的, 而房間只有這一雙鞋....)

這陣子, 忙著為我的秋冬衣櫥作準備
不斷購入秋裝, 最近新入荷的有針織毛衣和牛津恤衫


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[Daily Outfit] (35) As said before, Burgundy is my new favourite.

{One Piece: Online shop // Strip tee : Gmarket // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Leopard  Flats : Gmarket }

 As what I said in the previous post, Burgundy is my new favourite, and a week has passed, I have another Burgundy outfit.  Before going ahead to get new F/W items or on a crazy shopping, I had a go at my closet to see what can I find.
And I got this Burgundy dress which I bought 6 months ago.  I still remember shortly after I got this dress, the weather turns warm again and since then I havent put in on the top of my wardrobe and wasnt able to wear it at all.  The shoulder part of the dress was a bit tight so if I wear it on its own it would make me look fat.
The onset of Autumn has made me able to wear this piece again, and this time, by putting stripe tee on top has covered the tight shoulder part and made it fit to the weather right now.

像我之前所說的, 最近的新歡是酒紅色

買了沒多久天氣便開始熱起來了, 而且那條裙單穿的話上身較貼身和顯胖

單穿不好看, 況且也不適合現在初秋的天氣
所以我加上了一件寬鬆的條紋上衣, 和最近很喜愛的腰繩

還要一提的是, 腳上踏的是我最近在gmarket買的戰利品

而Gmarket的文而遲點才寫吧, 最近真的有點忙...
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[murmur] 那些年

那些年, 我們曾經曖昧過的時光
那些年, 我們曾經傳過的短信
那些年, 我們通宵達旦聊過的天
那些年, 我們在圖書館渡過一個一個的週末

這些這些, 都一一記載著我的青春
曾經, 我會充滿怨懟
而今, 謝謝曾給我的美好回憶.


[Daily Outfit] (34) Pattern on Pattern

{One Piece: Cotton On // Cardigan : Gmarket // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Leopard printed Flats : Boutique in Wan Chai }

Floral One piece with Leopard print flats conclude what I am wearing today.  Sometimes trying to mix two different pattern can have a different output rather than looking perculiar.  To play safe, we can separate the two patterns into different parts.  For example, just like what I am wearing, a floral one piece with a pair of leopard flats - which is separated by black colour (my tight)

Other than that, a sophisticated way of pattern on pattern is to mixing them together, for example, a chiffron floral one-piece with a leopard print belt, or even stripes with floral...anything will do!  I will try to match a different pattern on pattern outfit later, when I have tidied my closet and to pack my Summer clothes and get ready for this season.  That's why I like fashion so much, there are actually full of possibilities and through that you can have a lot of different amazing combinations!

今天的穿搭用上了兩種不同的花紋 - 分別是碎花和豹紋. 
這種pattern on pattern的穿搭方法其實也看起來不賴. 
怎知道, 其實配搭得宜也可以有甜美的一面的 ((廢話!!))
就像我所穿的, 用上黑色絲襪把兩種pattern分開

再者, 想進階一點的話, 可以用上雪紡碎花one piece 配上豹紋Belt,或even是千鳥格, 間條也不錯.  待我收拾好我的衣櫃和把秋冬的衣服整理好, 我會嘗試搭搭看
這就是我喜歡fashion的地方, 真的是有無盡可能而會產生很多不同的配搭.

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[Daily Outfit] (33) Burgundy is my new favourite.

{Top: B+AB // Skirt: Online Shop // Flats : Jelly Beans }

The weather recently has been quite fluctuate.  One day its cool, and the next day it becomes hotter again.  Under such weather, it is very easy to wear too much or too little and result in getting a cold.  Therefore the thing I have to do every morning is to quickly go through the weather forecast of the day in order to dress appropriately according to the weather.  
As it's Autumn already, I would literally say bye to my Summer clothes (no more tank tops, vest, summer colour!)  Although practically I cannot wear any of those thick jackets, sweater or jumper yet, I can still start my way to Autumn clothes by using autumny colours - my picks for the the season includes Burgundy Red, Mustard Yellow and Green.

On my go-to-work outfit today, I matched my burgundy red pleated skirt with a grey top, establishing a formal Autumn look and to look slightly taller with a tuck-in.
I like this pleated skirt, the colour is perfect and I love the way it makes me waking in "waves"

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