Merry Christmas!!

An early Merry Christmas to you all!!  Wishing everyone of you have great fun and this is gonna be a super short post as I am in extreme hurry to go and meet up my beloved.  Anyway, have fun! :)

{Red Cape : Boutique in Hong Kong // Monotone top : Boutique in Hong Kong // Harem Pants : Zara // Ankle Boots : ASOS}

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[Daily Outfit] (40) Oh Christmas Tree*

Christmas is coming up in a week's time!  That is such an exciting news and I can't wait to have great fun and spend time with my beloved :)  The only thing I hope now is my sneezy cold can get away so I can genuinely enjoy the holiday without a blocking nose and box tissues literally everywhere around me...
Any great plans for the Christmas for you guys?   Let me know!

And let's back to my outfit for the day, I got this outfit named as the Christmas Tree outfit where matching the green cape with the khaki harem pants make me feel like a walking Christmas Tree.  But who cares?  It's the time we dressed up for Christmas and I only wish I can be more Christmassy : P
And the cape is so comfy which feels like a lovely cuddly blanket around my neck.

As some of you request for more outfit photos in one post, here I am posting more photos of my outfit...
Enjoy :)

{Green Cape : Lowrys Farm // Monotone top : H&M // Harem Pants : Shop at Hong Kong // Oxford Shoes : Gmarket}

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[Daily Outfit] (39) Bonjour à tous!

{Beret Hat : H&M // Blue Stripe Jumper : H&M // Legging Pants : Uniqlo // Ankle Boots : ASOS} 

Bonjour à tous!

Remember in the last blog I was wearing an British look, and this week I move south and went to France (just kidding, I didn't actually travel but instead just wear like one)
I would call this a French outfit, mainly because of the Beret Hat and the Blue Stripe Jumper. The combination of the two items made me feel like a French lady and would like to go on a trip or feel like having an afternoon tea.

Probably it is time for me to take a long break...work has been extremely stressful recently and so much pressure. Therefore I am really looking forward to Christmas to get some time off from work and get to enjoy myself for the festive season.

Btw, did you guys notice the ankle boots?  They are absolutely fabulous!  I got it from ASOS during their 20% sale in November and it is the first time i enjoy wearing heels!  It is like 2.5 inch high but i felt nothing when I wear them, not to say they look so cute :)  ASOS is seriously killing me, I just keep on receiving their promotion emails everyday and everything on the site is just so gorgeous that I can't keep myself from clicking it everytime I go into their site!

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[Daily Outfit] (38) Let's go British!

I was flipping through this week's issue of net-a-porter magazine and it reminds me of a recent outfit of me when I saw the title - Trench Coat
Remember that over the past year I have been hunting for a trench coat that suit me?  Finally I did it.  I got this trench coat from a Japanese store at Hong Kong several week ago and I absolutely love it!  The price is good the texture is good the colour is good.  Just that I found it suits me a lot :P
And I wore this outfit few days ago (basically can't wear it these two days coz the weather is just too cold, for the first time of the year I wear sleeves and long trousers as pjamas)
Matching this trench coat with a pair of oxford shoes has somehow reminds me of my old days in England...which was a long time ago...and I really want to go back to those days where everything is so simple
Anyway, am so happy that it is finally December!  Love this festive season a lot and frankly speaking I watch "Love Actually" every December, which in a sense rehearse my passion on Christmas :P
{Trench Coat : Lowrys Farm // Inner tee : Zara // Skirt Pants : Boutique in Wan Chai // Oxford Shoes : Gmarket} 

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