[Daily Outfit] (49) The Relaxing Sunday

I love Sunday.  I love it since I enjoy having nothing to do on that day and being loafing and all.  I usually don't have much plan for Sunday as I need to take a little break and alleviate from work, so that I could gain enough energy to work for the week.

And today I only have one task to accomplish - which is to my usual beauty salon for a relaxing facial and a little shopping.  So I had kind of a 'light outfit' - with monotone and a comfy Keds sneakers. This yellow clutch from Bershka add a final touch to furnish the outfit, which made me looking more energetic :)

而這天的任務就是去做facial, 所以理所當然會穿得悠閒點
配上最近在Bershka買的黃色clutch, 穿上黑白tone也令人看起來精神一點 : )
{ Top: H&M // Skirt : ASOS // Slip On : Keds // Clutch : Bershka}

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[Shopping] Gmarket haul

I have already been a fan of online shopping for a really long time already.  As I found most of the shops in town are selling stuff exactly the same as I saw online, when they double (at least) the price.  So  it is reasonable and yet affordable to buy online instead of buying from chain stores/ boutiques in Hong Kong.

One of my favourite online shop at all time is Gmarket - for a few reasons.
a.  There are all sorts of different stuff that you can buy, literally everything, appereals, cosmetics, eletronics gadgets...etc...it is like a department store online, only that it is a virtual store
b.  They have system which support multi-stores buying and paying for one-off international postage only, which is quite rare nowadays
c.   You can find almost different styles on earth at Gmarket, I am totally stunned by their collections!  Although I don't know Korean, but Google translate has done me a great favour in helping me to translate into comprehensible English (well I have to say it is comprehensible only coz sometimes the translation doesn't make any sense :P)

Let me share a few pieces of items that I got last week:

1. Orange floral skirt
Oh sadly this photo looks a bit blur, the fact is that the skirt is very cute and pretty.  I totally heart it since it is featuring my favourite floral pattern :)  Also I don't think I have even own a piece of orange skirt before, so it was a good pick from Gmarket

2. White lace skirt
I love this and it is absolutely a very summery skirt with all those white lace pattern :)
3. Beige-coloured satchel
Very elegant and suitable for work in maintaining the 'working girl outfit', have been wearing it for quite sometime already and I still love it!

The same bag as this post

Hope you guys like my share :)

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[Daily Outfit] (48) Causal weekend style*

I have to admit that it's summer now and I can't pretend it's not hot any longer.  I have to dig out all my summer clothes from deep deep down in my closet.  No more tights and long trousers/ jeans, and let's say hi to mini skirts and pants!!
It was such a sunny day today and I found that I should have brought my shades since it was too shine!  Nevertheless the outfit itself was suitable for the weather today :)
I love this new pants from ASOS!  It should be in Coral though in the picture it is more like pink?  I think somehow the lights and camera mode could distort the true colour from what we actually see.
Anyhow, the weather was lovely today and made me feel great about the relaxing day too :)


太陽猛烈得我張不開眼來 :(


腳上踏的new balance球鞋純粹是方便走路

btw, as I changed my job in April (yea it was such a hectic month) that I will be wearing a very "OL" look from Monday through Friday, my causal Friday series will be gone, whereas I am more likely to be featuring the 'causal weekend' series from now on.

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[Daily Outfit] Yet another sporting look

I am in love with sneakers recently, especially when I have to wear high heels to work in the weekday.  I really treasure the time where my feet is actually 'on the ground' where I am happy to have causal wear with jeans, sneakers, that sort of non-office outfits during weekends.

Hence I am wearing this new sneakers today (well, not really new since I got them in January though I have not been wearing much often) with my comfy outfit and this has certainly made my day :)

所以變得很珍惜週末可以 '腳踏實地' 和causal wear 的日子
上星期四還多買了一雙new balance的球鞋 :)
下一個outfit post便會穿出來啊
不得不說 這種outfit 令我的週末心情很佳 :)

{ Top: Forever 21 // Skirt : Cotton On // Sneakers : Nike}

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