[Daily Outfit] (17) What a Sunny Saturday!

Here comes Saturday again!  Where i can wear shorts, mini skirts or even tank tops or a casual outfit!  A total no-restriction-dressing-day!  Though frankly speaking, since the highest degree today is 32, that is not so practical to wear so much when I am out.  But at the same time, I do not want to get sun burnt so I am wearing this blue boyfriend shirt that I got from Gmarket.  The shirt itself is too loose so I have attached a thin belt in order to look slimmer (yes my ultimate mission! get slimmer!)
Gosh it's only late May but it is hot like 32 degree.  I have absolutely no idea in how i can survive under such weather throughout the Summer...Only if i can work from beach instead of boring office... :P

ecid nac


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