[Daily Outfit] (18) Pop Pop Korean Girl!

I have always been a fan of Korean fashion.  Ever since I went to Korea in 2009, I became absolutely into Korean style of fashion.  And it is pretty obvious by the number of gmarket purchase I have made since 2010...(well..that is really embarassing to admit)  Comparing Korean style to Japanese style, Korean style is yet more simple and emphasize on your body ratio.  Their clothes are often single-toned, or with floral printed all over it.
Japanese style (oh gosh i am not that into Japanese style and yet there are just too many of them I dont know what to start, maybe I should start with them in general) is famous for its layering and matching.  It really surprised me that almost everyone (and I really mean everyone) in Japan has such unique and amazing fashion sense.  But my focus is Korean style so let's pass on to that first and keep on talking about Korean girls.  By the way, here are some photos of some famous pop band in Korea (and look at the excellent body ratio!!  And their legs look so long that let alone their legs will be taller than my actual height!)

Koreans are keen on making the golden ratio (or mainly just to make ur legs look as long and slim as possible) And in which it consists of two golden rules - tuck-in and high-waist.
By following these rules, you can make yourself looks at least 2-3cm higher than you actually are.  Believe it not, here comes my attempt in being a Korean girl (or I should rather say - to dress in a Korean style)  In terms of body shape (and ratio), I am no way like a Korean, but a try isn't bad to start with....

{ Top : a no-named boutique in Wan Chai // Skirt : Gmarket // Leggings : Vivienne Westwood // Shoes : Jelly Beans // Purple Bag : Gmarket}

I may need to re-take pictures..these photos are just too dark that it can't actually show how "Korean" style works...

Chinese version will come out tomorrow.

Photos credits to Google Search*

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  1. Love love love your top~! and thanks for your sweet message =)


  2. love korean fashion as well! i know what you mean about making their legs super long! it's amazing!