[Daily outfit] Don't think, just shoot

I have been pretty addicted to lomography lately and am thinking to get a Diana F. but before i do that, i just remembered that i got an actionfilm as a bday gift from my boyfriend two years ago. therefore i have just decided that i am going to utilize it more before getting a new one.
I love using film camera, although it's not cheap in getting them printed.  but the theory behind fascinates me - DON'T THINK, JUST SHOOT.

Since it's a causal day with photo-taking I have dressed in a causal way.  I have tied my scarf backward and make it looks like a vest : P
and i like it!
: )
in that way, my tee+jeans style can look less blend and with more layering

everything you encounter in life can be so inspiring when you pay attention to small details in life.
that's why I like Lomography. dont think, just shoot.

 After taken a roll, now i am trying to take some black-and-white photos and i am so excited since i am getting the photos in two weeks time (who do i have to wait for so long??it doesnt make sense!!!)

road signs.  we went hiking on that day and i have brought my lomo with me.  i am so glad that i did that.  there are lots of wonderful things that i took that day.  although i have mistakenly unwind my rolls in a way that i missed almost half of the photos i taken.... :(

somewhere at the peak

my boy.
he is carrying my 'god-knows-why-so-heavy-bag' up the hill for me :)  i am not that kind of girl who asks her honey to carry her bag for her all the time but i fell really sweet when he asked :))))))


  1. the peak!it's definitely one of the best places in hk (it's even better if there can be less mainland touritsts =P) I miss hk!!!

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  2. I have the same camera and I love it, so cute and the results are adorable.

  3. @Tereza Anton: Yes this is like one of my recent favourite though I still sometimes have trouble in getting nice photos out of this camera since it always gets so dark :P

  4. @Twee: yes I like the peak too :) the scene is magnificent and once i went there during new year eve to watch fireworks and it was absolutely stunning!!