A little preview - to get fabulous, stay healthy

I was not a fan of "healthy diet" when throughout my entire life - i eat chips/ fast food/ spicy food/ craved for cold drinks - until one or two years ago.  But when I officially start working after graduating, it has came to me that how a healthy body could equip to strive for your goal and to outperform in your work.
Since then I have turned into engaging in a healthier lifestyle.  No more cold drinks/ chips.  I am still in the process of saying no to a spicy food diet and sleep before 12 routine.
but...I am working on it...still.  I would really like to pick up the skin texture I have when I was 18...I am hoping this strict diet could help.

Anyway, just to say I am honoured to receive this H2O+ Collagen 8000 Advance blogger trial pack to participate in this programme.  Collagen is said to be so useful in maintaining your skin in a watery mode and this advance version has been proved to be better than the old version (even though I have not tried the old one, but an advance version is always a better version)  This is a ten-day trial, and I hope by then, my skin will get better.

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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet message dear!!

    I totally agree with you! A healthy life style and diet habbit is definitely the key to a successful life! So i thnk i should start consuming much less junk food,lol

    Btw, i love all your Gmarket fins from your previous post!!They're all beautiful!