[Daily Outfit] (14)

{ grey top : Cotton On // Skirt : Cotton On // Clutch : Vintage // Sneakers : Moonstar Jaguar }

When the weather is so hot that trying to stop you from all possible outdoor activities, my favourite activities become shopping in malls (though it has always been my favourite activities...a.t. a.l.l. t.i.m.e) anyway i bought this top and skirt in Cotton On during its 30%off sales sometime last month.  and i didnt post the photo until this week since I am trying to do something with the photo layout

i have been playing around with photoshop when I edited my photos. Since I got pretty bored with the same old wooden round shaped mirror as my sole backgound (okay and also the super messy room as reflected from the mirror), I would just like to play around with photoshop to add a bit of special effect to the photo.



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