[Winter] Get your winter wardrobe stock up by GMARKET!

I was browsing through Gmarket the other day and found so many items that I wanna get so I would figure that why not sharing it with you guys as well!  In that way I could have some advise also to share my most-wanting items with you all :)

So this post is mostly about items that I am interested i buying and as kind of a wishlist or notebook for myself.

1. Sweater/ Jumper
As my last post, the season seems to be more than just plain sweater.  This sweater looks quite cute with a soldier pattern all over it :) And the cat sweater looks cute too!  Look as if there is a cat crawling on your shoulder!  The third chiffon sweater is more feminine and seems to look more sophisticated than an ordinary sweater.

2.  Cardigan
Planning to get a plain embroidery cardigan and these two colours look great!

3.  Coat
And to get ready for Winter, it's essential to get a coat, I have targeted this one for quite sometime.  I have been addicted to this type of "no-collar" coat since Autumn and tried hard to find this type of coat at Gmarket

4.  Flats/ Loafer
Slippers seems to be quite a hit this season...tempting me to get a pair for causal wear...This studded slipper look good to wear on weekend :)

Ruffle Top
This grey ruffle top look so cute :)  Thinking whether I should get this one too!

Random skirt for work

Hope you guys like my share and let's put finger cross on this wishlist...hope it would turn into all actual shopping  : P

ecid nac


  1. May i have the link of the coat and the studded flat?