[Daily Outfit] (56) The Burgundy Chiffon Shirt

It's finally December! My favourite month of the year, but at the same time, can't believe it is the end of year again!  Time flies (literally for me, time really flies...feel like it pass with just a blink of eye!)  Probably I should work better on my time management :P

Anyway the weather here in Hong Kong is still very autumn-like, it was 22 degrees yesterday so I was wearing this outfit without needing to put on a jacket.

This shirt is more than just a plain burgundy shirt, there are studs all over the sleeves, adding some fun to it, although at the same time, making it difficult to add a cardigan over.  And this Moroccan Skirt is from Zara in September where i was attracted by the colour and pattern when I was in the store.  I immediately decided to take it back home after I tried it on at the fitting room :)  It's lovely and goes along well with all my plain colour top too!

 { Burgundy Shirt : Gmarket // Pattern Skirt : Zara // Ankle Boots : ASOS }

It has been a while since I last put on outfit post :)  Hope you guys like it and have a lovely weekend :)

ecid nac


  1. That is a really beautiful skirt, I love the pattern.

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