[Daily Outfit] (55) The Military Shirt

As share before, the military trend is coming back this season and you can see them everywhere - from high fashion brands to fast fashion brand, with different types of appeals

I got this Military Shirt from Zara a month ago and found it quite easy to match with different types of outfit for different occasion, it can established a more stylish style as well as a cutie feminine style depending on what you match with the shirt.

就像前幾個post時分享過, 這個秋冬將會是軍裝/迷彩pattern的世界.  所以在不論是高級時品牌或是一般大眾喜愛的fash fashion的連鎖時裝店, 都不乏看到他們的縱影

而我也不甘後人去趕上這趟潮流熱,於上個月到Zara購了以下這件襯衣.  發現其實也蠻好配搭的, 就是不同類型的衣服也可配在一起也不覺突兀,就說是一件頗百搭的外套吧. 我試了較型格的配搭和比較girly的衣服也可以平均得到

Today I have brought my floral one piece together with this shirt and try to dress down the masculinity and to become more girly, more of my usual style.  I could see a lot of possibilities with this shirt : could do a bit of layering when the weather gets cooler or to match this with boots or flats; lace dress or chiffon too :)

這天我就嘗試了把這件陽剛味重的外套配上碎花裙子和手拿包, 看上去也不賴, 而且碎花裙子就看起來dress down了外套的型格感覺.
  { Military Shirt : Zara // Floral Dress : Cotton On // Satchel : Online shop // Ankle Boots : ASOS }

PS. Please forgive me for this poor messy background of my room as the light bulb of my doorway wasn't working so I have to move to my room to take the photos :P

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  1. looks great with a pretty dress! xo, Alma