[Feature] Halloween - - - Are you ready?

Halloween is just a few days away and are you guys planning on a trick or treat night  or dressing up to hang around with friends?  I don't know how many people still stick with the whole "trick or treat" thing but somehow dressing up for Halloween has become a ritual and I have seen many utterly unrecognizable monsters (and pretty sexy dress up demons-lookalike too)

I had a company event last Friday visiting the Haunted Halloween theme at Disneyland and I have been thinking of my outfit for a few weeks

And have some comments for you to plan your outfit so you could absolutely rock the party!

Tips 1: Plan your outfit and get your costume as early as possible so you could prevent last minute shopping (though I am giving this tip in a last minute way...)
Tips 2: Otherwise, try vampire style (like what I did, simple and easy), painting your face in white is already scary and unexpectedly.....stunning? :P
Tips 3: Get some cheap makeup so you won't have to worry about wrecking them
Tips 4: Do some research for inspirations - movies, online, anything that can help you with coming up a set of outfit for the night costume

Are you guys planning on doing anything special on the night?  Let me know!

Here are what I dressed on that night

Be warned! 

Horrible picture coming though!

! H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N!

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