[Daily Outfit] (33) Burgundy is my new favourite.

{Top: B+AB // Skirt: Online Shop // Flats : Jelly Beans }

The weather recently has been quite fluctuate.  One day its cool, and the next day it becomes hotter again.  Under such weather, it is very easy to wear too much or too little and result in getting a cold.  Therefore the thing I have to do every morning is to quickly go through the weather forecast of the day in order to dress appropriately according to the weather.  
As it's Autumn already, I would literally say bye to my Summer clothes (no more tank tops, vest, summer colour!)  Although practically I cannot wear any of those thick jackets, sweater or jumper yet, I can still start my way to Autumn clothes by using autumny colours - my picks for the the season includes Burgundy Red, Mustard Yellow and Green.

On my go-to-work outfit today, I matched my burgundy red pleated skirt with a grey top, establishing a formal Autumn look and to look slightly taller with a tuck-in.
I like this pleated skirt, the colour is perfect and I love the way it makes me waking in "waves"

ecid nac


  1. oh, i'm into burdundy too, but for now only in manicure!
    but i bet this autumn will make a good hit on our wardrobe, don't you think?