[Daily Outfit] (36) Pastel Colour

{Mint Shirt : Gmarket // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Long Dress : Gmarket // Flats : Gmarket}

Oh gosh I didnt realise it is a gmarket-outfit before I type this up, I am too much of an online-shopping type person and have spent too much time browsing through the net :P

Today's outfit mainly consisted of the pastel colour, I have never thought of mixing these two pieces of clothing together before as I think this would look too cute for my .  Normally I would either match the skirt with a monotone tee, or to put the shirt on with a pair of jeans or black pants.  Surprisingly, they go well together (although bad match of shoes since I took this photo when I back home and this is the only shoes i had in my room...) and giving me some inspiration on my other combinations :P

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of shopping for my Autumn/ Winter collection and have got myself a cardigan and a oxford shirt - which I will probably show it on the next blogpost since I already wore it today : )

How many Autumn/ Winter shopping have you guys done so far?

不講不知, 原來今天整套outfit都是韓貨
還要除了腰繩外, 其餘都是gmarket買的
看來我很迷韓貨的這個名稱真的不是浪得虛名的 (大誤!)

對我來說, 也是一個新嘗試吧
沒想到, 看起來也頗和諧的
(除了我的鞋子並不搭外, 其他還算可以的. 因為我是回家才拍穿搭的, 而房間只有這一雙鞋....)

這陣子, 忙著為我的秋冬衣櫥作準備
不斷購入秋裝, 最近新入荷的有針織毛衣和牛津恤衫


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