[Daily Outfit](32) Pokka Pokka Dots.

{Top: Cotton On // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Skirt pant: Online Shop Cottage // Sneakers : Bought in Korea }

This may probably be my last Summer Snapshot post this year (hopefully)  It was taken a few days ago.  The weather has now turned to be more "autumny" and cooler (i mean relatively in comparison to a few days before) and it is time to turn around my closet!  Quite fun actually since I have started to stock up A/W clothes since the end of August when several stores started putting them up.
I really love this pokka dot pant, it is just so cute and amazing, and also the texture is like the most comfy skirt pant I have got this summer.  Frankly speaking, this is already my fourth skirt pants I got this year, and I know this is crazy but they are just perfectly for summer, and with a pair of tight, they are perfectly fine for winter as well! Back to my outfit, since I have already got something really strong at the bottom part, so I have toned down the outfit by wearing a plain grey tee.  And last but not least, the red belt is just to garnish the look and adding more colour to it. But I totally love this outfit :)

這幾天的天氣看起來沒有上星期般熱, 感覺到秋天已靜悄悄地來到了. 中秋過後, 氣溫比起盛夏時低了幾度. 跌到二十多度的邊緣了. 雖然午餐的時候仍會很熱, 真的不可小看秋老虎的威力.
我想這也是我這夏天最後的snapshot了, 之後應該會轉秋裝snapshots吧. 由於天氣也漸漸轉冷了, 背心短褲的日子也快將過去了
開心的是, 換季了~是時候為衣櫥來一個大變身!
這天穿上的是這個夏天買的第一千三百七十二條(說說笑而已!)裙褲 - 波點裙褲. 說起裙褲, 真是太喜歡了! 貪其涼爽而且不易走光的設計. 我不是Marilyn Moonroe, 我不需要走路時裙擺吹起, 我只會尷尬得很且看起來像個瘋婆子...
由於下身已穿得比較pattern-ish, 所以上身配上了一個素色的tee來中和一下, 然後襯上了Cottage的紅色皮繩belt, 便完整了我的outfit :)

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