[Daily Outfit] (34) Pattern on Pattern

{One Piece: Cotton On // Cardigan : Gmarket // Red Belt : Online Shop Cottage // Leopard printed Flats : Boutique in Wan Chai }

Floral One piece with Leopard print flats conclude what I am wearing today.  Sometimes trying to mix two different pattern can have a different output rather than looking perculiar.  To play safe, we can separate the two patterns into different parts.  For example, just like what I am wearing, a floral one piece with a pair of leopard flats - which is separated by black colour (my tight)

Other than that, a sophisticated way of pattern on pattern is to mixing them together, for example, a chiffron floral one-piece with a leopard print belt, or even stripes with floral...anything will do!  I will try to match a different pattern on pattern outfit later, when I have tidied my closet and to pack my Summer clothes and get ready for this season.  That's why I like fashion so much, there are actually full of possibilities and through that you can have a lot of different amazing combinations!

今天的穿搭用上了兩種不同的花紋 - 分別是碎花和豹紋. 
這種pattern on pattern的穿搭方法其實也看起來不賴. 
怎知道, 其實配搭得宜也可以有甜美的一面的 ((廢話!!))
就像我所穿的, 用上黑色絲襪把兩種pattern分開

再者, 想進階一點的話, 可以用上雪紡碎花one piece 配上豹紋Belt,或even是千鳥格, 間條也不錯.  待我收拾好我的衣櫃和把秋冬的衣服整理好, 我會嘗試搭搭看
這就是我喜歡fashion的地方, 真的是有無盡可能而會產生很多不同的配搭.

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