[Daily Outfit] (30) Yet another year has passed....

{Dress : H & M // Belt : Stradivarius // Oxford Shoes : Gmarket }

A month after my boy's birthday is my birthday!  But didn't do a lot special on this day, only watched a movie at night followed by a nice dinner.  Oh and also I did a bit (strictly speaking that was way beyond a bit but anyway let's not get too precise on numbers :P) of shopping in the afternoon.  simple but yet i am grateful.  I love my bff she is totally awesome on that day I am really grateful I have her in my life where I can share all my ups and downs with her.

Bought this new piece of clothes from H & M, I was so determined to get it on the moment I put this on :P  Mustard yellow is my new favourite colour and I am so going to get more items of this colour in this season!

Truly thankful for all the blessings I had and wishing every one of you a fantastic year ahead :)

ecid nac


  1. Oh, you have the h&m dress, I wanted to buy it too, you look gorgeous.

  2. happy bday! Hope you had a fun time and that dress is uber cute!

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