[Daily outfit] (24) Flu Flu Flew Away!

As said before, I have caught a bad cold since after my Thailand trip. And have been coughing for the whole week, therefore as to prevent spreading this horrible germs to others, I have been wearing a mask for the whole week. And losing my incentive to do my daily mix and match outfit diary.
And for once, pointed out by my colleague, that day I made quite a match on my mask and my outfit. I woremy mint shirt which was bought at gmarket, together with a light green mask (well, I am not sure whether the colour has been captured on the photo or not since the light in my room since pretty dark and may not be able to reflect it on the photo...)

Yes, mint is my new favourite for the ummer.  it just looks so summery and comfy :) and the number of items in mint have been increasing largely since 2011 and I have a feeling that it won't stop yet and in my mind I have already got several winter outfit in mint :P
{Mint Shirt : Gmarket // Jeans : Forever 21 // Sneakers : Keds}

ecid nac

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  1. Oh, honey, I hope you will get well soon, I'm so sorry for you.
    I think mint is perfect for summer.