[Daily Outfit] (23) Causal Day

Have disappeared for quite sometime recently and haven't been blogging for a week already - due to a few reasons:
a.  Off to Thailand - yay it was a fun trip
b.  Caught a stong flu - strong flu along with the happy trip
c.  Addicted to a Korean tv series - and this has taken up most of my night time and being so unproductive

Yea and all these reasons have contributed to my laziness lately.  and yet I have decided to become not so lazy now and will put up a bunch of my recent outfit up online.

This is a Saturday outfit - just simple and comfy, which is suitable for a hot summer day, i got this pair of sandals from the online sale at Forever 21 last year and haven't wore it at all till this summer and it is so comfy - I had a feeling that it will become one of my fave summer shoes :)
{Mint Vest : Pull and Bear // Shirt : Zara // Jeans : Gmarket // Sandals : Forever 21 }

ecid nac


  1. Likewise :) I haven´t been blogging for almost a month, since I was on my vacation trip in the USA, and when your on summer holiday, that means your having so much fun and busy doing some things in your life, ´cause we do have a life beside blogging, right. :) I hope you had fun and enjoyed your trip in Thailand!

    xo, AiR


  2. I love the outfit, really cute.