[Camera] What to choose?

It has been a while I put on Outfit post...for one obvious reason...MY CAMERA IS DEAD!  I have accidentally spilled a cup of Chinese tea to it and it won't open anymore

I have been doing some research to see which camera would fit what I want.  Therefore I have targeted a few already, as I want to upgrade from Digital Camera (my previous model is Canon S90) to an EVIL camera <- those you can change lenses for different type of photos and not as professional as a DSLR

I am planning to get either Sony Nex-F3/ Olympus E-PL3/ Panasonic GF5

The performance of these three cameras are similar and the price is similar too but each of them having one particular point that I would like to have, and I just wish these three of them could combine together like a transformer so that I would not need to hesitate so much in picking one...and I have even drafted up a pros and cons analysis table in helping myself to choose my future camera...

Pros and Cons session

Sony Nex-F3
Pros: The monitor can be rotated 180 degrees so it's good when taking photos of yourself, bigger sensor than Olympus and Panasonic
Cons:There aren't much buttons on the camera, meaning you have to go through the rotary panel for each setting you want to make.

Olympus P-PL3
Pros: More Buttons so easier to control and with settings for different scene, monitor support rotation up to 90 degrees up or down for easier shooting at different angles
Cons: External flasher, may come in handy when trying to shoot and have to look for it

Panasonic GF5
Pros: Lighter, Colour more saturated and support touch-screen activities for focusing on objects
Cons: More expensive

I am more inclined to go for Sony Nex-F3 as I really like the monitor rotation feature but i hesitate as my friends said the general feedback of Sony cameras are not so positive....making me so confused and don't know which is the one to pick...

So what camera are you guys using?  And any recommendation you guys would give?

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ecid nac


  1. I prefer canon and nikon for camera :') I considering canon powershot series now!


  2. Agree with carol!!

    Canon ze best!