[Food] Happy birthday my beloved :)

It was my beloved birthday last Thursday, so I took a day off to celebrate this special day with him :)
We went to a cozy restaurant at the peak, which the name is literally - "Pearl on the Peak".  The food was amazing and the service was excellent too!  One drawback is that the weather was so misty on that day so we don't really get to enjoy the amazing stunning view.  At one point it was so misty out there it feels like we were eating up above sky where we saw absolutely nothing!

We ordered two lunch set with soup and bread as appetizers.  The mushroom soup taste so rich.

The spread for the bread is also very tasty too

Lobster Liguine

Sirloin with foie gras

Amazing view
Too bad it was so misty on that day, otherwise I am sure it would be such a stunning view!

ecid nac

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  1. Happy belated birthday :D ! All the best for the year 2012 and good luck :)

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