[Trends] Christmas is around so it is the time to look glamourous!

As you may notice, it is approaching to the end of November, in a sense meaning that Christmas is on its way!  A big Hurray!  My favourite time of the year!  And at the same time, meaning a lot of partying and evening out are happening.  On last week's net-a-porter, it is all about the PARTY issue!  Sequins, Glitter, Feathers!  Here ya go!  Not wanting to look like ths rest of the crowd?  One of key point to stand out is to "think out of the box".  How to look glamourous when wearing something special?  The editor has pointed on several key issues in rocking the party:
- Ankle boots
- Shirt + Sequined pants
- Showing off your shoulder
- Silk Scarf

Therefore, here comes my selections of the party must-wear (I have focused on ASOS this time since this is so my favourite recently: free shipping, on-going sale...it is just so tempting!):

1. Sequins!  Christmas is such a wonderful time to wear sequins and people would not think you are over-dressed for the event.  Also, especially when you are partying and you are so going to stand out from the crowd as you will be literally shinning from those reflection from sequins.

2.  Party Dress
If you are not exactly a fan of sequin, you could try buy getting a special designed party dress.  I am completely thrilled when I see these two dresses.  Remember the movie Black Swan?  This is such a hit.  I have read from the news last month that it is the number one costume for Halloween 2011.  And let's make it through Christmas by getting a fluffy white swan look alike party dress, or a trendy black dress with chiffron see-through long dress

3.  Clutch
You must have something to hold your phone or some money so you can go home after partying or at least get a taxi.  And on this festive season and when social media is a tool for you to show how popular you are (yes iphone upload on facebook), clutch is just about right to hold your essentials.  These clutches below can match with different style of your outfit and my favourite one is the one on bottom right corner.  This wooden clutch is so my style and chic, which can even match my daily outfit too...(oh maybe i should get it?)

4.  Shoes
I know Flats are good for our body and comfy but when it comes to partying, who cares about comfortness?  We are definitely getting a pair of high heels which can help shaping our body.  But dont worry girls, Platform Shoes is our new bff, we can look tall, with beautiful curves and still look stunning.  Also, as mentioned above, ankle boot is a hit, so let see what I picked:

5.  Accessories
How can you not complete your outfit by adding a final touch - Accessories.  Every accessories count.  You would look too blunt if you have got the perfect dress, perfect clutch/ shoes but just missing a piece of jewelry!  To furnish your look, add (a) final piece of jewelry to rock your outfit and be absolutely fabulous.

Source: net-a-porter, ASOS

By the way, there is a sale at ASOS where every Winter Items are at 30% off and all Party Items 25%!!  So...act fast!  Too bad that I have already got myself a pair of ankle boot last week...otherwise I could really make use of the sale this week.

Anyway, do more Christmas Shopping!

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  1. Yes, I agree with you, so glam and elegant.

  2. oh wow you have really inspired me to buy something with sequins... aaaah I really want a sparkly sequin dress for christmas now! haha! Great tips there, I am going to follow your blog! :)

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    OMG love all of this!
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  4. :D I see sequins everywhere.. nice post..
    THanks for visiting my blog :) abt the fish-tail braid.. Aww dun wry dear.. u cud tie a fish tail in one of your longest strands.. need not be the entire.. make a front fish tail strand.... tie and and make it fall free like ur open hair :)


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