autumn breeze. oh wait. it should be winter

it grows a lot colder these two days
i am just such a fragile kid that would like to wear as much as i can even people in the street still wear short sleeves and literally going out in sandals.  and today i am already wearing my leather jacket (dont worry not real leather but still...) along with my UGG boots.  i know i looked crazy but hey it's only 16 degrees!  not to say my home exactly located at one of the coolest place in town.  so i basically got every reason in wearing tonnes.

anyway i seriously need to do more shopping to stock up more winter clothes
1.  a navy blazer
     i want it seriously ever since i saw one at zara and i looked so slim wearing it (ha!)  but then it went slightly out of my budget so i have been trying to a replacement since then
2. a winter coat
    there have been new reporting stating that this winter is gonna the coolest among these hundred years(did i get it right?)  so i think i have to get one which is stylist but yet warm enough
3.  a furry scarf
     how can you not get a furry scarf when you have got yourself a winter coat.  this is just to finish the look! totally!

my look at work today
the silver scarf has yet brought me with some kind of freshness in my dull outfit

i got myself my first over-the-knee sockings this year.  it looks absolutely great with tiny heart all along the side.  i will have to wear it when the weather is slightly warmer though the texture of the socks is quite warm


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