[Shopping] Gmarket haul

I have already been a fan of online shopping for a really long time already.  As I found most of the shops in town are selling stuff exactly the same as I saw online, when they double (at least) the price.  So  it is reasonable and yet affordable to buy online instead of buying from chain stores/ boutiques in Hong Kong.

One of my favourite online shop at all time is Gmarket - for a few reasons.
a.  There are all sorts of different stuff that you can buy, literally everything, appereals, cosmetics, eletronics gadgets...etc...it is like a department store online, only that it is a virtual store
b.  They have system which support multi-stores buying and paying for one-off international postage only, which is quite rare nowadays
c.   You can find almost different styles on earth at Gmarket, I am totally stunned by their collections!  Although I don't know Korean, but Google translate has done me a great favour in helping me to translate into comprehensible English (well I have to say it is comprehensible only coz sometimes the translation doesn't make any sense :P)

Let me share a few pieces of items that I got last week:

1. Orange floral skirt
Oh sadly this photo looks a bit blur, the fact is that the skirt is very cute and pretty.  I totally heart it since it is featuring my favourite floral pattern :)  Also I don't think I have even own a piece of orange skirt before, so it was a good pick from Gmarket

2. White lace skirt
I love this and it is absolutely a very summery skirt with all those white lace pattern :)
3. Beige-coloured satchel
Very elegant and suitable for work in maintaining the 'working girl outfit', have been wearing it for quite sometime already and I still love it!

The same bag as this post

Hope you guys like my share :)

ecid nac


  1. That lace dress is amazing, really chic, lovely color.

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  2. pretty lace dress!! :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :)

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