[Daily Outfit] (45) Returning to work*

{Navy One-piece : Jeanasis // Necklace : Red Garden //  Bag : Gmarket // Ankle Boot : ASOS}

I haven't been blogging for around two weeks already, I went on a trip to Osaka with my honey and I am going to start another job next month, so I have a lot of handover work to do recently and I have to stay till really late so I barely have time to blog. 

The trip was amazing and I am going to write about it later.

This is the outfit I wore on the day I back to work.  The first day of work after a long holiday is often tedious and overwhelmed with work so I have decided to wear an outfit that could cheer me up.  This pair of ankle boot from ASOS practically goes well with everything!  Matching this pair of boots with this drapped skirt from Jeanasis and this new bag from Gmarket.

Hope I can survive this last week of work at my present company and I am looking forward to the new challenges that gonna face in the future :)

ecid nac

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