[Daily Outfit] (46) Hace buen tiempo!

Hace buen tiempo!

It's a public holiday today, and since the weather is so nice recently, it would be such a waste not going out to enjoy this fabulous weather.  Me and my friends have came up this idea of cycling a couple of weeks ago and to go out on this day.

Although I am not exactly a jeans person, you cant be wearing tights and skirts to a cycling outing day, so I have put on my forever 21 skinny jeans I bought several years ago and to match it with my checker shirt that I got from H&M.  I am practically putting things that I rarely wear for this cycling day :P the jeans, shirt, vans sneakers (probably I should wear this pair more as it's spring now and I need more colours :)

Turned out that it looks quite nice actually, looking refreshing and kind of a college look!
{Checker Shirt : H&M // Back Tee : H&M //  White vest : Jeanasis // Jeans : Forever21 // Sneakers : Vans }

Hope you guys have a great day too!

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