[Daily Outfit] (27) Just a quick update, before Summer ends.....

{Dress : American Eagle // Necklace : Marc by Marc Jacobs // Ankle Boot : Top Shop }

I can't help but curse September for stealing her away.
The memories just don't fade like those long summer days.
-- Gary Allan "Long Summer Days"

Just a quick update, before Summer ends.....
I got this outfit from American Eagle and I love it because its bright orange colour plus the mini floral print.  I have been longing for a bright colour outfit for the whole Summer and since somehow (for some perculiar reason) i think bright flourescent colours go along with either whiter or darker skin.  When I fall between the two, it makes me feel that I am not quite suitable for that....But when I first saw this dress at American Eagle, there is an inner voice inside my head saying "pick me pick me!" (well I am being over-exaggerating but it is almost the case) Then I brought it inside the fitting room and immediately falling for it and got it right at the cashier waiting to take it home.
And that's the full story.

Anyway have a nice weekend and I promise I will blog more this week!

ecid nac


  1. really sweet dress~! can't wait to visit all the newly opened stores of different US brands when I'm back =)

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  2. @Twee

    Yes there are lots of American brands opening in these few months! Holister just opened their first ever new store at Festival Walk and there's Forever 21 coming soon in December this year!
    How exciting!

  3. @Gabriely Tavares

    Thanks Gabriely!
    Yea this dress is my new favourite too :)

  4. I love your dress, you look really cute ).
    I think that summer will never end here.