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It has been quite a while since my last blog.  i have been fairly busy the past two weeks with office work and work quite late recently.  plus all those driving lessons and tutorial class is fully occupying my personal time.  also i have been taobao-ing really hard over the weekend. but then 80% of those are not for me, but my friends, so i think this is justifying for that.  but don't worry, even though i have been crazily busy, i still managed to absorb latest fashion trend and news over the internet (let's say hurray to Mr. 高錕 for his fabulous inventions!) and thanks to taobao i have been absorbing some kind of fashion trends too.

I have got less motivation to do my daily snapshots since most of the time i just rush off home to work, and i got so exhausted after i back home every night...Luckily this week is better where i can sneeze a bit of time from work to blog a little (though i do not have access to any photos i took now since they are all in my home computer)  but i do have a range of lookbook pickups that I do wanna share:

Freida is one of my favourite blogger at all time.  though she is extremely young (only 17 years-old) but her sense at fashion is undoubtedly spot-on (i think that may related to her study - she studies fashion and textile if i rmb it correctly)  she is good at using limited pieces of dress and turn into amazingly trendy and comforting style.  look how she turn a tata dress into a trendy city girl and you can understand how talented she is.

first of all, i have to confess that the first thing that catches my eye is her cape.  what a wonderful colour!  it is definitely best for winter (to have something colour and the pattern is definitely added a point there)
it would be great if i can wear it and to go travelling/ or even (to work maybe?).  made me really wanna start my dream (going on a working holiday in Aussie)

this set is absolutely fabulous. so french! i like this outfit from head to toe.  i wish i can wear the essence of it.  also i will definitely want to get a little hat for this winter.  that would be nice since i dont normally wear hat.

after all, i think i do have a tendency in choosing holiday/ casual outfit rather a smart and elegant outfit.  awwww i really wanna go on a holiday and go travelling.....


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