[Feature] The Working Lady outfit

As said before, I have recently changed my job, well it has been three months already but I am still not totally used to it yet...the working hour is longer and is further away from my home, therefore I have to get up early and back home later than before

But I got more to learn than before and for long term speaking, this job will enrich me a lot more than my previous ones, therefore I am slowly getting use to the big changes in working style and atmosphere

The reason of talking all these about my new job is that I want to reveal that I got less time in picking and matching clothes in the morning and I have to get more spot on with my outfit in the morning since there is no time for me to keep changing for another outfit.

So I want to share some of the inspirations or items that I am thinking to get as my working outfit:

1.  One piece
My top choice would definitely be wearing one-piece, honestly it is very time-efficient and good to establish a "formal look" for work.  "One piece" is an item that is forever on my wish list.  I love shopping in Zara as they got various elegant clothes with different styles and are quite price-friendly too :)

2.  Blazer
Blazer or not depends on the weather, I have a couple of blazers in my wardrobe but all are for Autumn/ Winter as Hong Kong can get as hot as Thirty something Degree Celsius in Summer.  Also it really depends on the environment at your office, whether there is strong air-con or not

3.  Tweed Jacket
Apart from blazer, tweed jacket is also good at keeping a formal look, it may sound very winter, but nowadays the texture is somehow different and cooler than those winter version and also look very elegant

4.  Shirt
At my point of view, shirt is one of the essence in creating an elegant work outfit, and my favourite is definitely white shirt.  Frankly speaking, I have at least half a dozen of white shirts in my closet (but of coz in different style!) But that can match well with skirt or trousers, cardigan or blazer too

Here are some inspirations on working outfits, although I know it actually depends on the company culture on whether these are appropriate or not, but I still love these combinations :)  Work is sometimes stressful enough, and why not cheer up yourself by wearing something fashionably nice and elegant?
That's one of my philosophy too :P  I would normally be happier and tougher when I wear something pretty to keep me stay in a good mood :)
How about you guys?

Source: Zara, Massimo Dutti, J. Crew

Does this post seems interesting enough for you guys?  Since I am thinking of expanding my entries and to blog more than just my outfit and to share some fashion inspirations I got which is normally running inside my head with all your guys :)
Hope you all enjoy my post :)

不知道大家喜不喜歡這篇blog, 這陣子想我的blog更為多元化和加多一點不同的東西
希望你們喜歡 :)

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  1. Those dress you selected are amazing, I love the 3rd one.

  2. Love the selection and outfits! you´ve got great style... :) xo, Alma

  3. oh I love Tweed jacket.. It's my fav after Serena wore it! :D

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  4. great collection!!!!


  5. great this post, i love zaara looks!


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  8. i would LOVE a light tweed jacket for the spring . summer

    great looks,
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    fashion provocateur

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  10. i prefer #1 & #4 because i live in the Caribbean and it is so hot :S haha

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