[Trends] Let's get RED!

As some of you may noticed, Chinese New Year is coming soon, and since I was little I have been taught that it is the season to wear in red (like literally in bright red).  According to the old saying, wearing in RED can somehow give you luck and joy.
Believe it or not, in this traditional superstitious community, I can tell there are many firm believers of RED = LUCK.  This remind me of a HSBC commercial a few years back, talking what does red mean in different countries, and in mine, it certainly have good meaning.
And speaking of which, I used to refuse wearing in red as I was a monotone girl and in these one or two years I have became more favorable in multi-colour outfits.  And here I am going to pick some fabulous red colour items which should be some MUST-GET items for the Chinese New Year!

1. A bright red dress
A bright red dress is certainly refreshing, not to say wearing in such festive season.  Especially, some older people and grannies think it is more appropriate to wear in red (although not literally from head to toe, but they think it is full of blessing and prosperity)

2. A big red sweater
Weather forecast has reported that it will be extremely cold on "Lin Chor 1"(a.k.a first day of Chinese New Year), which means, it is inevitable to get something warm to wear, where a bright red would make the perfect choice

3. Red Flats
You may need to keep walking for the whole when visiting relatives, which means you need a nice comfy flats.  As far as I can tell, Moccasins are loafer are still gonna hit in 2012, so it's not too late to pick one and to carry on the luck for the year ahead :)

Hope you all enjoy this post which is totally full of Red clothes :)
Anyway, have a great chinese new year too all of you :)

Source: Urban Outfitters

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